News | 21.09.2009

SPD County Council Faction: Yes to solar parks in Neustadt

On the initiative of Mayor Frank Rebhan and SPD county director Thomas Lesch, around twenty members of the SPD county council faction visited Gehrlicher Solar AG and conducted their meeting there.

Neustadt b. Coburg, 21 September 2009. On the background of the decision on the citizen’s initiative and the council initiative on the coming Sunday regarding solar parks in Neustadt, the delegates informed themselves once again thoroughly about the topic of solar energy. Branch director Steffen Licht emphasized in his presentation the positive development of the photovoltaics branch: “Up to 2012, we will increase the number of employees at Gehrlicher up to 300”, he said.

Above all, most important to the faction members and the representatives from project development at Gehrlicher, Antje Gärtner and Jana Jäckel, is environmentally friendly energy generation with photovoltaic systems. “Gehrlicher stands not only for electricity production, but also for nature protection. Fields with ground-mounted photovoltaic systems are protected refuges for plants and animals”, confirmed Steffen Licht. The system in Brüx would generate one megawatt of electricity, enough for 900 citizens, and save 660 tons of carbon dioxide. Plus, a distance of 50 meters from buildings would be planned. “In Mittelwasungen, 2.4 megawatts would be produced, 1,440 tons carbon dioxide saved and 2,160 citizens would be supplied with electricity“, according to Steffen Licht regarding the larger of the two systems. Also for this plant, with 30 meters from the village, sufficient spacing has been planned.

Mayor Frank Rebhan emphasized once again the significance of all renewable energy sources for Neustadt as well as for the whole county. And district administrator Michael Busch said the county is working toward becoming energy self-sufficient.


picture: Peter Tischer

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