Press | 16.05.2011

Solar Park Heckfeld is now connected to the mains

Solar Park Heckfeld (1.9 MWp)

Solar Park Heckfeld (1.9 MWp)

The PV plant with a peak performance of 1.9 MWp is now providing green electricity to about 600 three-person households.


Dornach near Munich. On 6th May 2011, Gehrlicher Solar connected solar park Heckfeld, located near Lauda-Königshofen in Baden-Württemberg, to the public grid. The plant was constructed on the area of a former disposal site along the A 81 highway. The total area amounts to 9.1 hectares, 4.6 of which have been covered with 23,640 First Solar modules.


Solar Park Heckfeld has a peak performance of 1.9 megawatts and generates about two million kilowatt hours of green electricity per year. It can, thus, supply electricity to about 600 three-person households. The CO2 saving amounts to approximately 1,230 tons per year. Gehrlicher Solar was in charge of designing, planning and constructing the solar park. The sole investor is the BürgerEnergie Cooperative Tauberfranken.


Gerald Kumerle, Technical Director and Dr. Tim P. Jungblut, Commercial Director Ground Mounted Systems at Gehrlicher Solar, are happy about the successful realization of the project: ”We were able to finish constructing Solar Park Heckfeld after only eight weeks. We are especially happy about the engagement shown by the citizens of the Main-Tauber District. Since the construction of Solar Park 2000 – the first and, back then, only plant that was financed on the basis of a citizen participation model – Gehrlicher Solar has realized numerous successful projects for and with the cooperation of many citizens. We are always impressed with the amount of engagement people are willing to show in order to achieve a turning point in energy production.”


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