Press | 03.11.2010

Gehrlicher installs Off-Grid System (7.5 kWp) in the Congo

This grid-independent roof-mounted system provides light to a school as well as enough electricity to operate a refrigerator and a computer lab.


Dornach near Munich, November 3, 2010. Gehrlicher Solar AG realized a further pv installation in Africa during the two last weeks of October. The company installed a grid-independent pv system with a performance of approximately 7.5 kWp on the roof of a school in the Congo. The school is part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network and Peace Education.


The system, donated as a social project by Gehrlicher, is to provide light to the school as well as electricity to operate a refrigerator and five to ten computer workstations. Batteries with a storage capacity of almost 30 kilowatt hours ensure electricity is available even after the sun has gone down.


Reliable power supply is not self-evident in Africa; power failures, however, are. These are compensated by private diesel generators which not only result in high operation costs but also in a very great deal of environmental pollution. However, access to energy is the key to education, medical care, clean water and economic development. For this reason, affordable, grid-independent energy supply has great potential in Africa.


This school project in the Congo is a further isolated system Gehrlicher Solar AG has installed in Africa. The first project involved the realization of a 1.6 kWp isolated system on Chicken Island in Guinea Bissau (West Africa). With the acquisition of Solarland, a pv company from the Canary Islands, Gehrlicher has just strengthened its capacities in the off-grid segment. Gehrlicher will also be expanding its business activities to the African continent in the next few months as part of its sustainable internationalization strategy.


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