Living Responsibility

Renewable energies effect generations. Sustainability powers our actions: with solar energy being our field of business and as a socially responsible family business.

Gehrlicher’s products and services allow for a sustainable energy supply for today’s and tomorrow’s generations. It is our mission to advance the inexhaustible solar energy and make it widely available. We tirelessly pursue this goal by implementing numerous solar energy projects and investing intensely into research and development. Using natural resources in a responsible manner is a fundamental value for our company.

For us, society’s interests take priority over shareholders’ interests. As a group of companies, we assume social responsibility for our regional locations and our employees. Our customers’, investors’ and employees’ trust grown over time is the basis for our sustainable success as a family business. To make people in Spain, the US or India benefit as much from our activities as people in our home region of Bavaria – both economically and ecologically.

Additionally, we get involved by supporting particular projects or implementing them ourselves. This includes promoting social initiatives, associations or people in need.

Gehrlicher’s employees get involved

The willingness to act socially responsible is deeply rooted also in our employees. They acted spontaneously on an appeal by their Spanish colleagues and contributed to a call for donations for acquiring solar cookers for Western Sahara.

Regional ties

We engage particularly in regions which we are closely connected to for business or family enlaces.

In 2010, amongst other things we promoted sports activities in Rothenburg, Lauingen and Haar, made a contribution to the Kindergarten in Gutenstetten and the Künstlermeile Haar. Also in previous years we supported sports clubs, church communities and initiatives for people in need. As an example, in 2009 we donated to the Foundation for children suffering of cancer Coburg, supporting their work for affected children and their families.

Assuming responsibility internationally

In the wake of the catastrophic earthquake on Haiti in January 2010, the Gehrlicher family sought to help the people affected and donated to Doctors without Borders for their medical assistance in the crisis areas.

A focus of our international social engagement is placed on Africa. This is partly due to the globe’s sun belt being the natural spot for applying solar energy. However, it allows us to contribute to the development of African countries. Studies show over and over again that development and availability of energy are closely intertwined. Here you can learn more about our projects in Guinea Bissau, the Republic of Congo and Tansania.