Gehrlicher Solar Management GmbH

Gehrlicher Solar Management GmbH is an independent sister company of Gehrlicher Solar AG. The main business purpose is the administration of about 25 solar electricity public funds initiated by the Gehrlicher Group since 1998. Up to this point, over 600 stockholders have participated in the Gehrlicher Funds.

Public Limited Partnership

About 25 investment companies are affiliated as limited partnerships with Gehrlicher Solar Management GmbH. One of them operates a 1.3 MW solar field in the district of Donauwörth near Augsburg. Since the foundation of the solar fund in 1998, more than 600 stockholders have participated in it.

Fund Yields GSM GmbH 2007

Fund yields
Target-performance comparison

Solarpark 2000 255.9 kWp
Solar Power Plant Haar I 39.4 kWp
Solarpark Munich (Shell Plant) 87.2 kWp
Solarpark Munich (First Solar Plant) 75.7 kWp
Solar Power Plant Taufkirchen 31.5 kWp
Solar Power Plant Haar II 153.2 kWp
Roof Systems Munich I 250.3 kWp
Solarpark Munich Riem I 168.7 kWp
GbR Tapfheim KGs 1310.2 kWp
Solarpark 2006 257.07 kWp

As the first large solar fund in Europe, Gehrlicher Umweltschonende Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. Solarpark 2000 KG won the Munich Environmental Award in 1999. Since then, we have been offering further funds that regularly have a higher performance than the one mentioned in our brochures. This is why investors hold our funds and take advantage of new investment opportunities in our company.