Press | 19.07.2010

Independent Power Supply for Africa

An independent power supply with purchasable solar electricity is the key to education and prosperity. An isolated system constructed by Gehrlicher Solar in Guinea-Bissau has been reliably producing electricity the past three months.


Dornach near Munich, July 15, 2010. Power supply is not self-evident in Africa; power failure, however, is. And because fossile energy carriers, like diesel, are scarce and expensive, a vicious circle is created. For without energy access to education, healthcare and clean water is barred and economic development does not take place. Therefore, an independent powered supply for Africa with purchasable solar electricity has great potential.  


Gehrlicher Solar AG is project planner of photovoltaic systems for roofs and ground-mounted systems as well as developer of system components. Within the scope of its internationalization strategy, Gehrlicher Solar also actively engages in Africa. „Without energy, access to education, healthcare and economic development is almost barred.“, says CEO Klaus Gehrlicher, while explaining the company’s engagement in Africa.


Thus, in March this year, and in cooperation with the local population, experts from Gehrlicher mounted a 1.6 kWp isolated system on Chicken Island (Guinea-Bissau, West Africa), one of the least developed countries in the world. The photovoltaic electricity that is now generated, ensures a reliable power supply. The children of Chicken Island now receive school lessons on a regular basis and patients in the sick ward can be taken care of 24 hours a day. Communication also works now that mobile phones can be recharged when needed. The vicious circle has been broken – at least on Chicken Island.


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