Market Information

Photovoltaics is an indispensable technology when it comes to ensuring the lasting and safe supply of energy in the future. The cost structures have developed extremely positively in recent years from an investment point of view, and have even resulted in what is known as grid parity in certain countries.

Module prices are falling due to volume and are thus starting to make up an ever-smaller proportion of the overall cost of the system. In future other balance of system (BOS) costs will have a greater effect on investment in a PV system. Raw materials, like copper, aluminium and steel, that are needed for components, like the substructure and cabling, will play an increasingly important role in this respect.

Gehrlicher Solar AG relies on its own gehrtec products specifically in relation to the more critical balance of system costs and is thereby able to achieve greater flexibility and independence in terms of the photovoltaic value creation chain. This room for manoeuvre gives Gehrlicher Solar AG and its customers a valuable competitive advantage over other companies in the market.

For the investors in photovoltaic systems long-term guaranteed feed-in tariffs create security.

Outlook for the development of the global energy mix