Off-Grid systems

Gehrlicher Solar AG offers so-called “off-grid systems” to supply energy self-sufficiently to remote buildings and rural areas, to run industrial applications in areas without a grid connection and to power telecommunications equipment that is too far from the public power grid.

In order to implement such stand-alone off-grid systems it is necessary to combine the photovoltaic equipment with suitable batteries and charge regulators. This results in customer-specific solutions that supply environmentally friendly power, independent of the public grid, the weather and the time of day.

We have more than 15 years experience in implementing stand-alone photovoltaic systems and are leaders in system design and solutions expertise. As a partner for NGOs, local installation companies, regional specialists in Africa and South America and as a supplier to telecommunications equipment vendors, we sell all sizes of off-grid
systems from individual components to complete construction kits. Our product range includes batteries, charge regulators, inverters, appropriate modules and our high-quality GehrTec ®  components developed in-house.

In order to plan your specific PV system, please contact us directly or submit a filled-out project data sheet (see form below) to

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