GehrTec® Nubbel

GehrTec® Nubbel
GehrTec® Nubbel
GehrTec® Nubbel

The efficient pre-assembled cable system for photovoltaic systems

The cabling system for ground-mounted and roof-top photovoltaic systems of all sizes. The economical and safe option for connecting PV modules with inverters for large-scale ground-mounted or roof-mounted systems.

Your Advantage

Optimal economy
GehrTec® Nubbel offers quick and effective DC cabling with few possibilities of faults and low transition resistance.
Installation is simple and reduces installation costs. The Nubbel system is pre-assembled in acc with requirements and reduces the cable lengths needed compared to a conventional system by up to 60%.

Highest quality and safety
GehrTec® Nubbel is manufactured in Germany. The ideally adjusted position of the branches enables optimal cable
laying. By minimizing inductive coupling faults are avoided. The casing of the cable consists of a continuous fully networked material and ensures absolute and permanent resistance to weather.

Competent service
The connection is reverse polarity protected by pre-assembling MC-connectors at the works. Manufacture is in acc. with customer-specific requirement.

GehrTec® Nubbel - Data Sheet

GehrTec® Nubbel - Technical data

  • Nominal voltage: 0.6/1 kV AC and 0.9/1.8 kV DC
  • Individual test: 6.5 kV AC
  • Selective test: 1 h in water
  • Short circuit temperature: 250 °C at the conductor at max. 5 s
  • Test procedure: weather resistance, fire resistance behaviour
  • Design: single strand and double strand
  • System cables: Prysmian Tecsun PV cables, irreversibly cross-linked connection
  • Use: outdoors and in enclosed spaces, also in and on insulated devices and systems