GehrTec® Aero

GehrTec® Aero
GehrTec® Aero
GehrTec® Aero
GehrTec® Aero
GehrTec® Aero
GehrTec® Aero

The aerodynamic PV flat roof system

GehrTec® Aero is an aerodynamic PV flat roof system, that can be installed without penetrating the roof. Profit from the reduced-weight modular construction system and the high adaptability to the various roof situations.

Your Advantage

Optimal economy
The installation of the reduced-weight modular system is very quick, as no penetrations of the roof are necessary. It is not necessary to weigh down the system with ballast.

Highest quality and safety

All components are of high quality stainless steel and aluminium. The system components have been structurally calculated and certified by TÜV for increased loads from snow and wind. Cooling openings provide the best possible ventilation of the modules and therefore also optimal yields.

Long life cycle
Thanks to structurally calculated system components and robust bolted connections the high stability of the system is
ensured for the long term. Due to the non-cutting bolt connections the roofing is not damaged.

Great flexibility
The system can be permanently fixed or fixed to allow removal.

Competent service

The system will be pre-assembled by us to suit the particular requirements.

GehrTec® Aero - Data Sheet

GehrTec® Aero - Assembly and Maintenance Instructions [German Version]

GehrTec® Aero - Technical Data

  • Place of use: flat roof
  • System pitch: 15 °, 17°, 19 °
  • Installation: pre-assembled system components
  • Solar modules: framed modules
  • Module dimensions: max. 2,000 x 1,000 mm
  • Module orientation: horizontal
  • Module fixing: module supports, mounting brackets
  • Rail system: GehrTec® Aero Box, Rear wall, GehrTec® Rail System
  • Securing system: patented holding-down system, enables use in high wind zones and contributes to safety of the system
  • Area loadings: under 8 kg/m² depending on the module