Facts & Figures about Gehrlicher Solar

Gehrlicher Solar AG plans, builds, finances and operates solar power systems up to the multi-megawatt range. As a wholesaler, Gehrlicher Solar AG offers solar modules, inverters and in-house developed gehrtec components, ranging from cables to substructures.

The Gehrlicher Group also plans, sets up and manages photovoltaic funds or private placements for investors.

The company was founded in 1994 by the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Klaus Gehrlicher and has since grown at an above-average rate to become one of the market leaders in the photovoltaic sector.

Gehrlicher Solar has two sites in Germany -  in Neustadt near Coburg and in Dornach near Munich. Globally we support the switch in the energy sector with subsidiary companies and joint ventures in Brazil, France, Great Britain, India, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Turkey and the USA.

The Gehrlicher Group currently has a workforce of approx. 250.

The Group's Chief Executive is Klaus Gehrlicher. The Group's turnover was 323 million euros in 2011.

Fact Sheet - Gehrlicher Solar