Press | 29.03.2012

Gehrlicher Solar España signed with the Government of Extremadura the agreement for the construction of a 250 MW solar PV plant without any kind of economic incentive, in the municipality of Talavan (Cáceres)

This project marks a historic breakthrough in the field of photovoltaic energy, since all the energy produced will compete in the Electricity Market equal to conventional energies and therefore a considerable potential for the PV market


Merida, Spain. The Prime Minister of Extremadura, Jose Antonio Monago, and the CEO of Gehrlicher Solar España, Guillermo Barea, met yesterday in the Presidency of the Government of Extremadura, Merida, for signing the agreement to allow the installation of 250 MW in the municipality of Talavan, one of the highest solar radiation in Europe. Gehrlicher Solar is working over a year and a half to realice this project that has the total availability of land, the access point and the technical feasibility report by "Red Eléctrica".


Gehrlicher Solar hopes to develop the project in about three years and start its construction in the second half of 2013. The plant will cover an extent of 750 hectares and will involve an investment estimated at 250 million euros, creating over 2000 jobs, direct and indirect (400 jobs per year on average). The generation of electricity is estimated at 400,000 MWH / year and will allow the plant to supply clean energy to 100.000 households and more than 100.00 and a saving of about 356,000 tones of CO2.


The Prime Minister of Extremadura, Jose Antonio Monago has valued this Project as a "bet" of an executive Extremadura "unequaled to renewable energies, in which the" longstanding commitment to the environment is proved". Besides, Monago said that Extremadura is the "ideal scenario for this project, being" a land desirable for entrepreneurial companies ". Therefore the Autonomous Community" is open to anyone who wants to rebuild the future of the region".


Guillermo Barea declared "I want to convey to the entire PV industry, not only in Spain but also in Europe, a message of optimism and that the sector can be competitive in the Electricity Market without subsidies. The Government support of Extremadura, our strategic capacity and the effort of my team are pushing this project to be viable in economic, technical and environmental issues. We must join forces to place again our country in a leading position in the global PV industry. Megaprojects along with the self consumption are the future of this business and are the two main business segments in which we are focused. I would like to think that now the photovoltaic industry really starts to take off."


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