Press | 22.01.2013

Gehrlicher Solar builds one of the first self-consumption projects for a residential development in Spain

Photovoltaic solar self-consumption mini-grid of 22.5 kWp

Cañada Lentisco

The company has completed the construction of a stand-alone PV mini-grid with a maximum output of 22.5 kWp to supply power to a residential estate in a rural area in Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, Spain.



Madrid, Spain. Gehrlicher Solar Spain has completed a PV "off-grid" installation for a residential development of nine houses in a rural area of Cañada Lentisco that is not connected to the public grid. Thanks to the moderate investment that will be recovered in five years, the settlement will generate its own electricity for at least 30 years and will not suffer from the effects of constantly increasing electricity prices.


The system was installed on the roof of a farm building directly adjacent to the housing development, covering approximately 150 m². It will achieve an output of 30 kW with battery support and an estimated yearly output of 21,100 kWh. It is made up of 90 photovoltaic  modules and two STP10000TL SMA inverters as well as six Sunny Island 5048 inverters which have been designed specifically for use with off-grid systems. Gehrlicher has used its own GehrTec® Top roof-top mounting system on the installation, noted for its flexibility with all designs of roof, excellent load capacity, and high resistance to corrosion. However, Gehrlicher Solar was not just responsible for design and construction but will also operate and maintain the installation.


The importance of this project for the region lies in the fact that this stand-alone off-grid installation will provide the nine family dwellings smartly with an efficient and sustainable power supply. Therefore this project is a prototype for other electrification projects in rural Spain. Steady increases in fossil fuel prices, coupled with continuous increases in electricity prices, are now making stand-alone energy supply systems a good cost-saving solution for industrial as well as private consumers. Independence from energy providers is a further key benefit, protecting companies and families from increasing electricity prices for a minimum of 30 years, the life expectancy of the installation.



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