Solar Cookers for the Western Sahara

Many Gehrlicher employees spontaneously participated in the donation.
In order to cook food with a solar cooker, all you need is one thing: the sun.

People in the Sahara are certainly rich in sunshine, but frequently don’t have even enough electrical power in order to be able to prepare their daily meals. For this reason, they often cook with firewood  – whereby not only CO2 is created which damages the environment, but rather also the smoke which puts health at risk.

Thus, what is more self-evident in one of the Earth’s sunniest regions than to prepare meals with solar cookers and thus to do something good at the same time for the environment? This was what the responsible persons at the Spanish initiative “Sahara Solar” also thought. In cooperation with “”, an international campaign against climate change, they started a donation campaign for solar cookers in the Western Sahara.

When the employees of the Spanish Gehrlicher branch office learned about the campaign, they were excited and informed their international colleagues of this at the same time. Not a lot of persuasion was needed. The Gehrlicher employees quickly gathered together enough money in order to be able to finance four solar cookers. At present, they are still in Barcelona waiting to be shipped. It is anticipated that “Sahara Solar” will turn over the donation in February of 2011.

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