Light for 700 School Children in Tanzania

It is pitch dark after six thirty in the evening in the villages near Ilembula.  The only place with electricity is the centre of this small town located at an altitude of 1,400  meters in southwest Tanzania.

Not having electricity was also a problem for the secondary school in Ilembula and its 700 students, for the school is located outside the centre of town. After dark,  the two student dormitories and the locksmithing school next door had to go without light. In Tanzania, infrastructure projects, which are minimally financed by the government, do not include electricity supply projects.

Gehrlicher wanted to help the students and therefore, donated 60 solar lamps worth 5,000 euros in July 2009. The batteries can be recharged with sunlight and are a source of energy at night. “An independent power supply can be built up with solar energy, especially in regions where it is not possible to have a central power supply system due to economic or technical reasons” says Barbara Gehrlicher and explains one of the reasons for carrying out this project.

The contact to the school was made by the Jesuskirche parish in Haar. The parish has had a partnership with the Lutheran community in Ilembula for the past 20 years. “Electricity supply is not self-evident in Tanzania, and light is an important prerequisite for learning. This donation means so much to our students.” said Veronica Mbilinyi, teacher in Ilembula.

Further information about the Off-Grid Solutions department’s work can be found here.