Our highlights

Agricultural multi-purpose hall in Kisslegg (Weiland) (415.80 kWp)

Agricultural multi-purpose hall in Kisslegg (Weiland)

This system was realized on a 3,500 m² lean-to roof with single-crystalline modules and a 400 KVA Siemens central inverter.

The building was especially designed for being used as a substructure of a PV system. The structure guarantees perfect ventilation of the modules from behind which reduces the PV modules' heating up as this would reduce the yield.

  • Electrical power: 415.80 kWp in one level
  • Siemens central inverter
  • Agricultural multipurpose hall

Campbell roof-integrated thin-film system (10 kWp)

Campbell roof-integrated thin-film system

In Ottobrunn near Munich we projected and mounted a roof-integrated thin-film system for a solar passive house. 196 thin-film modules constitute driving-rain-proof roof cladding in the form of a so-called in-roof structure. A structure ventilated from behind prevents the module from heating up. Eurosolar awarded the house owner the German Solar Price 2004 for his building.

  • Electrical power: 9.5 kWp
  • PV roof integration + solar-thermic system
  • Passive house / Eurosolar Solar Prize

Dr. Jockisch, Landshut (27 kWp)

Dr. Jockisch, Landshut

It is a completely paned building with a diameter of 18 m and 5 floors. Due to the large paned façade surface of this round building, a "Shadow" voltaic system was realized in the form of a 34-ton motor-driven steel framework which was equipped with PV modules as shadowing blades and is tracked according to the sunset in the course of the day to supply appropriate shade to the office rooms. In addition, the façade system above the flat roof was also extended by an ellipse solar panel tracked according to the sunset in order to protect the conference room on the top floor of the roof surface, which is completely paned, against direct solar radiation The Shadow voltaic systems (architects HBH, project management: Barbara Gehrlicher) earned an award in November 2000 at the contest "Innovative solar current systems in Bavaria integrated into buildings" by the Bavarian Chamber of Architects.

  • Electrical power: 27 kWp
  • Award for single-axle tracked façade PV system
  • Combination of an energetic building concept with an appealing PV façade architecture

Ecoparque Solar of Bullas - Murcia, Spain (5000 kWp)

Ecoparque Solar of Bullas - Murcia, Spain

At the time of its installation we have constructed Spain’s largest (and Europe’s third largest) CdTe thin-film installation with 5 MW performance.

The installation is located in the Bullas region, one of the sunniest regions in Spain. Over 70,000 First Solar Cd-Te Thin-film modules and 375 SMA SMC 7000 HV inverters were used.

  • Performance: 5.0 MWp
  • Field installation
  • Supplies electricity to approx. 1,500 households

Munich Fair Parking Garage West (629.90 kWp)

Munich Fair Parking Garage West

Within the scope of the EU project "PV Enlargement", a total of 30 partners at 32 locations in 11 countries built solar power systems with particularly innovative and cost-efficient technologies. The solar power system on the parking deck of the Munich fairground is the biggest system that has been projected on this scale. Altogether, the Gehrlicher Group in Germany and Spain is responsible for far more than fifty percent of the total performance within the scope of this EU project.

This extraordinary solar power system is a solar technology performance test unique in Europe.

Thin-film modules made from amorphous silicon, microcrystalline silicon, cadmium-telluride and copper-indium-diselenide compete with highly efficient crystalline silicon modules with different cell technologies. The measurement results of the test field provide informative details about the efficiency of different types of solar cells. In addition, many inverter types are highly accurately gauged with various circuit topologies.

  • Electrical power: 629.90 kWp
  • Roof system
  • Biggest system worldwide/thin-film

PV-Soundless Sound Barrier next to the A92 Freising (594 kWp)

PV-Soundless Sound Barrier next to the A92 Freising

PV soundless noise barrier at the A92 Freising / 594 kWp

We used new types of modules of the Spanish manufacturer Isofoton for the system. Its ceramic structure combines two functions in one element. They generate current out of sunlight and, in addition, they serve as a noise barrier. The so-called CER modules consist of a white ceramic carrier plate and a clear Tedlar foil with 36 single-crystal solar cells laminated into it.

The European Commission has promoted the innovative photovoltaic technology in the course of its fifth framework programme for research and development. The overall investment for the project amounted to more than three million euros.

  • Electrical power: 594 kWp
  • Biggest combined PV noise barrier worldwide
  • Length: 1 km

Solar park Perleberg (35000 kWp)

Solar park Perleberg

Gehrlicher Solar AG in 2012 successfully completed its Perleberg solar park that is located halfway between Hamburg and Berlin in record time after just two and a half months of construction. Due to the solar park‘s high capacity of 35 MWp, the company also built a separate expandable 110 kV transformer station, which serves to connect the solar park to the grid.

The solar park was built on the grounds of the former military airport Perleberg and comprises 90 hectares, an overall area corresponding to the size of approx. 125 soccer fields. It is expected to produce about 33 million kilowatt hours of environmentally friendly solar power annually. Compared to electricity generated from fossil fuels, starting immediately, the plant will save approximately 32,000 tons of CO2 each year.

After the complex undertaking of munitions removal 144,144 modules manufactured by Yingli, 39 inverters by market leader SMA and about 500 km of cable were used in this project on 64 hectares. At times the site employed up to 120 installers. The GehrTec® Base substructure developed in-house, for which approx. 25,000 posts were rammed into the ground serves as the basis for the crystalline modules. The remaining 26 hectares are designated compensation areas and serve as a habitat for many meadow breeding birds.

  • Capacity: 35 MWp
  • Ground-mounted system
  • Provides about 9,300 households with clean energy
  • Separate expandable 110 kV transformer station

Solar Park Rothenburg I-IV / Oberlausitz (37000 kWp)

Solar Park Rothenburg I-IV / Oberlausitz

The solar park Rothenburg is situated on the site of a former military airport near Rothenburg (Upper Lusatia, Germany). With a nominal capacity of 37 megawatts and a total size of 100 hectares the solar park is one of the largest in Saxony.

It annually produces environmentally friendly electricity for 10,300 three-person households and is exemplary because it was constructed on a fallow area, which was originally used for military purposes. In September 2012 the existing solar park Rothenburg I-III was complemented by the solar park Rothenburg IV with 15.2 MWp nominal power.

The GehrTec® Base substructure developed in-house serves as the basis for the complete solar power plant.

  • Capacity: 37 MWp
  • Ground-mounted system
  • Provides about 10,300 households with clean energy

Tapfheim (1300 kWp)


We planned the photovoltaic power station, provided professional support in preparing the legally binding land-use and carried out its turn-key construction. We will administer the power station for the next few years. This kind of systems allows us to generate jobs in the region which will be secured in the long run even after having completed the construction works, for instance for maintaining and administration works.

For the solar power station we built the following quantities and materials on an agricultural area of 4.5 ha:

15,500 solar modules
3,000 steel posts
8 km module arrays
50 km cables

Roughly half of the system consists of CdTe thin-film modules, the other half of mono-crystalline modules.

The system generates around 1.25 million kilowatt hours of solar power per year thus being able to supply 360 households every year with clean solar current.

  • Electrical power: 1.3 MWp
  • Field installation
  • Supplies approx. 360 households with current

Wendl-Dietrich-Str. Munich Solar Park Munich (170 kWp)

Wendl-Dietrich-Str. Munich Solar Park Munich

We built the biggest solar current system in Munich existing on a residential building at the time of construction. The system stretches on more than 500 metres on the roofs of four-floor residential building in the Munich quarter of Neuhausen.

The solar current system is divided into two building sections with solar modules of a different construction type. In the western part, framed modules by Shell Solar are mounted with poly-crystalline cells, in the eastern part First Solar thin-film modules supply solar current.

The residential building belongs to the Munich housing association GEWOFAG and is listed. However, the Antiquities and Monuments Office could be convinced that the solar modules had no negative impact on the character of the whole quarter but, on the contrary, enhanced the architecture of the housing system through their coherent appearance.

The system constitutes the biggest thin-film system of Europe on CdTe basis for buildings and contributes to the extraordinarily broad experience the Gehrlicher Group has with this technology.

  • Electrical power: 170 kWp
  • listed PV system
  • length: 500 m