Quality Guidelines

With the registration of all module serial numbers of all tandem cells made from amorphous and microcrystalline silicon from the producer called Sharp, we protect our customers from re-imports and non-admitted merchandise.

By registering the system, passing on "System Design and Application Sheets" (SDA) to the customer and building the system in line with the User Guideline of  First Solar such as

  • Minimum system size of 10 kWp
  • Use of module clamps to be removed by the manufacturer only
  • Use of inverter protective elements to be removed by the manufacturer only

we create the indispensable basis for the product and performance guarantee of the manufacturer.

Market and Involvement

Gehrlicher Solar places orders after having successfully examined its potential suppliers. In doing so, we consider supplier quality development to be particularly important. Gehrlicher Solar closely cooperates with leading manufacturers of solar modules and inverters.

The high and constant quality of the services and products provided by our suppliers is of particular importance for us as clients. Furthermore, we expect our suppliers to keep deadlines, provide attractive price models, be reliable, consistent and cooperate with us in a good and fair manner profitable for both sides.


Secure and long-term supply contracts and ensuring a transparent communication of the reasons behind actions taken are part of the Purchasing Department’s goals.

These guidelines are based, among others, on customized projects that guarantee Gehrlicher Solar‘s clients both long-term planning reliability and secure supply contracts.