Gehrlicher corporate values

We offer high quality products and services and are centinually working on the improvement of these. To get better every day, we back on our employees’ qualifications and motivation to learn.

In our company, reliability means that all employees do what they say and say what they do.
With reliability we also associate implementation of targeted goals, checking the achievement of our objectives and adherence to deadlines.

Fairness and Respect
Fairness and respect determine our daily work with respect to our colleagues, employees and superiors as well as to our customers and suppliers.

Commitment to sustainability
We advocate long-term corporate management. This includes both the conservation of natural resources and the responsibility for future generations as well as corporate management which is directed towards the company’s long-lasting survivability.

Regional ties of each branch office
We act internationally as a group without neglecting the regional connection of each branch office.
Regional ties give the company a “home“ and create identity. This establishes trust and creates bonds with customers and employees.

Corporate solidarity
It is important to us to be a company for which every single employee likes to work, for the values and goals of which it is worth to stand up for and in which respectful cooperation throughout all levels, fields and countries is maintained.

Modesty of the shareholders / of the management
In our company, corporate interests always take priority over shareholders’ interests. This finds expression in the shareholders’ obligation not to carry out any distributions until 2015.
Furthermore, administration and management shall always act efficiently and economically with flat hierarchies and feel committed to benefiting the company as a whole.

Commitment and initiative
We recognize the need for all of our employees to assume responsibility for their tasks and to be actively engaged as an internal service provider for the big common cause. As part of a continuous improvement process, all employees shall consider every day anew how we can get better, more efficient, and more successful and work towards this of their own accord.

Openness and communication
We operate in innovation-intensive markets and are always ready for new challenges. Openness at our company also includes open communication with each other.