Press | 10.07.2009

New Photovoltaic System financed by Eco-Electricity Fund

Haar, July 10th, 2009. In the building yard of the community of Haar, a new photovoltaic system has started operations. The special thing about this is that the system is the first that was financed completely by eco-electricity from the Haar municipal utility. This is a further milestone on the way to expansion of renewable energy generation in Haar.

As early as 2002, the Haar electric utility has offered its customers the opportunity to purchase eco-electricity and thereby contribute to climate protection. The extra fee – by now only 1 cent (net) per kilowatt-hour – is collected in a fund to support regional projects for renewable energy generation. With the increasing popularity of Haar eco-electricity, the fund deposits have also steadily increased. Thus, investments have already been made in the solar power plants Haar I, Haar II and Haar III. The new photovoltaic plant on Feldkirchener Straße is the first project that could be financed completely by the Haar eco-electricity fund.

The new photovoltaic system has a capacity of 9.24 kilowatt-peak and will thereby produce around 9,500 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. The yearly CO2 savings is roughly 132 tons. The system was designed by Gehrlicher Solar AG, which also built the solar power plants. “Since the plant was financed by the eco-electricity fund, the returns from the feed-in tariff also go back into the fund”, reports Dürr. “Thereby we not only increase the amount of solar electricity produced in Haar, we also simultaneously lay down the financial basis for further projects.”

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