Press | 07.09.2010

20.5 MWp Solar Power Plant Officially Inaugurated at Rothenburg/Oberlausitz Airport

Gehrlicher Solar: Solarpark Rothenburg

Gehrlicher Solar: Solarpark Rothenburg

The solar power plant at Rothenburg/Oberlausitz Airport produces green electricity for 8,000 households since December last year. This solar park is exemplary in the sensible redevelopment of a fallow area that was originally used for military purposes.


Dornach n. Munich, September 7, 2010. Gehrlicher Solar AG officially inaugurated the solar park at Rothenburg Airport on September 5, in the presence of Heike Böhm, Mayor of Rothenburg and Bernd Lange, District Administrator of Görlitz. After the ceremony, and within the framework of an open house event, the citizens of the region had the opportunity to visit the solar power plant. This plant has a peak output of 20.5 megawatts and is one of the largest of its kind in Saxony.


”We have had great support in the realization of this project, especially from the political representatives of the city of Rothenburg and the municipal district of Görlitz, but also from the airport association. And the cooperation with regional companies was also excellent“ said CEO Klaus Gehrlicher in his welcome address. It was the second time for the inauguration which was originally planned for August 5. But because of the floodwaters in the county of Görlitz in which also the citizens of Rothenburg were involved, Gehrlicher decided to cancel his event.


Sensible redevelopment of former military areas for alternative use


Gehrlicher, a company specialized in projecting photovoltaic roof-mounted and free-field installations up to a megawatt range, constructed this solar power plant on the site of a former military airport near Rothenburg/Oberlausitz. This installation is exemplary because it was constructed on a fallow area, which was originally used for military purposes. ”The prerequisites for redeveloping the former site of the airport for alternative use are ideal. The area is flat and good for construction“ explains Klaus Gehrlicher. Reason why his company started construction in Rothenburg.


Solar power plant – a gain for the region


The photovoltaic park consists of three partial areas with a total of about 70 hectares. That amounts to about the size of almost 100 soccer fields. 273,240 thin-film modules from the global market leader, First Solar, turn sunlight into energy, which is then transformed from AC to DC current by eleven Siemens central inverters and fed into the power grid. A total of about ten million single parts and approximately 600 kilometers of cable were used in the construction. The solar power plant has an output of 20.5 MWp and can supply green energy to 8,000 households per year. CO2 savings amount to about 18,000 tons per year.


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